Who We Serve


Home emergencies like fire, flood and storm damage can disrupt a family’s rhythm on many levels.

Ontario Restoration works with you to minimize your disruptions and get your family back on track.

From the moment disaster strikes we are standing by, ready to help. We understand that emergencies happen at all hours of the day and when they do, you need to quickly take action. Our team is trained to deal with urgent situations that can be stressful for homeowners. Let our years of experience guide you in the process as we help you transform your mess back into the comfort of your home.

Water Damage

Ontario Restoration has the experience and expertise to deal with all aspects of residential water damage. We will guide you through the necessary steps and provide you with the services you need to stop the spread and clean up the mess.

Mould Removal

Not only can mould be destructive to your home but it can have significant health consequences as well. Our restoration team is trained and uses specialized tools to complete the process.

Fire & Smoke

Fire destroys anything in its path and can very quickly ravage a home or business, leaving families and business owners to deal with the emotional toll of a devastating loss.

Wind & Storm Damage

Wind, hail, lightning, tornadoes, and ice storms can wreak havoc often causing primary and secondary issues in your home. When your residential property has been affected by the wind or a storm, you can count on Ontario Restoration from start to finish.

Vehicle Impact

When it feels like things are crashing in, we are here to help – providing the guidance and workmanship you need in a crisis.

Odour Removal

Our expert odour removal team will get to the root of the issue. We deal with smells caused by cigarettes, mildew & mould, dead rodents, garbage, sewage, and strong food odours.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is no longer used, it can still be found in the insulation, flooring, walls and ceilings of many older buildings.

Biohazard Cleanup

From natural disasters to crime scenes, there are a variety of situations that result in a biohazard situation that requires specialized cleanup.