Restoration Services

Odour Removal

The invisible crisis of a foul odour can have a huge impact on a business or residents of a home.

Whether it’s the result of a fire, flood or mould problem or it has been caused by something else, the lingering smell can quickly become a serious issue for residents or workers.

Our expert odour removal team will get to the root of the issue. We deal with smells caused by cigarettes, mildew & mould, dead rodents, garbage, sewage, and strong food odours.
Ontario Restoration Services remove odours from residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Our professional technicians use a variety of techniques to completely remove the offensive scent and leave your home or office smelling fresh and clean.


Foggers use aerosolized particles to reach each surface and area within the space. This odour-removing solution also disinfects while it deodorizes.


Sometimes it is necessary to seal off the contaminated area if it is inaccessible.

Ozone Treatments

Ozone (O3) is an unstable gas made up of three oxygen atoms. Because oxygen is typically bound in twos, it naturally wants to break free. The single O atom breaks free and oxidizes the odour-creating bacteria. You’re left with oxygen molecules and no more smell!

Air Scrubbers

This portable filtration system traps the foul-smelling molecules, improving air quality and the overall scent of the environment. Air scrubbers can be used in residential and commercial properties.

Activated Charcoal

The surface area of activated charcoal is exceptional as one teaspoon is equivalent to a football field. Rather than masking the odour, this incredible surface area actually absorbs the smell.