Restoration Services

Vehicle Impact

Typically your home is the place you feel safe and secure.

However, when you find a 2-ton vehicle has collided with your house it no longer feels safe.

When vehicles impact a building there are many safety factors that need to be considered and time is of the essence. That’s why Ontario Restoration Services is available 24-7. We understand that these types of emergencies don’t wait for business hours.

If you find yourself in this unexpected situation, our team will promptly arrive to review the situation and provide you with a temporary and go-forward plan. Vehicle impacts can cause great structural damage

and should be professionally assessed. In addition to the structural concerns, we must also consider dangerous fluids such as gasoline, oil, antifreeze, and caustic acids from batteries. It’s also possible that your home’s gas lines, water pipes, sewer and electrical services have been damaged.

Once our team has determined the extent of the impact, we will board and tarp the compromised area to protect your home from the elements, vandalism or further damage. We will then get to work stabilizing and repairing your home. All debris will be cleared away and windows and doors will be framed and replaced.

Ontario Restoration Services will work with your insurance company to ensure all elements of the project meet their qualifications and will be covered under your claim. Our team works quickly and efficiently to help minimize the disruption for you and your family. We will work with you to ensure your home is restored to its previous condition.