Restoration Services

Biohazard Cleanup

From natural disasters to crime scenes, there are a variety of situations that result in a biohazard situation that requires specialized cleanup.

When an urgent situation like this arises, you have other things on your mind, trust the cleanup process to a team of professionals. Our technicians will compassionately assess the situation and provide an action plan for complete restoration. We will be respectful of the situation you are going through and act as your liaison to your insurance company and lead you through what can be a difficult process.

A situation is considered a “biohazard” when microorganisms, chemicals and other toxic substances pose a health risk. Ontario Restoration Services can provide complete cleanup in the following situations.

  • Decomposing Animal Remains/Waste
  • Blood
  • Chemical Spills
  • Forensic Crime Scenes
  • Hoarding
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Meth Labs
  • Sewage Backups
Our team is specifically trained in biohazard and trauma restoration. This type of cleanup requires specialized methods, materials and experience and should only be completed by professionals. Ontario Restoration Services has years of experience in removing hazardous materials according to provincial standards.

When a situation arises that requires biohazard cleanup, our technicians will determine the extent of the contamination and provide you with the steps required to complete the process. Our team will carefully remove the materials and dispose of them in specific biohazard containers. We will then work to decontaminate the entire area and restore any damaged structures. Our goal is to make the space, once again, safe to live or work in.