Restoration Services
Water Damage in Your Home

Water can be a destructive force.

Burst pipes, a leaky roof, sewer backup or water from fire suppression – water leaks and moisture infiltration have the potential to cause major problems.

It is amazing how quickly water damage can go from detection to destruction. In only a few minutes, water can spread to other areas of your home. Within hours, wood floors, drywall and furniture start to disintegrate and bacteria starts to grow. Left untreated, water will cause extensive devastation within days.

There are a multitude of reasons water can be destructive.

  • Flood water and sewage may contain pathogens that are hazardous to human health.
  • Air quality in a flooded area can also be a health risk.
  • Water damage can lead to electrical and structural issues as well as mould.
Ontario Restoration has the experience and expertise to deal with all aspects of your unexpected water damage. We will guide you through the necessary steps and provide you with the services you need to stop the spread and clean up the mess. By stopping the spread of water, you can protect your home from further damage.Time is of the essence, so call Ontario Restoration at the first sight of a problem. Our team is standing by 24 hours/day, 365 days per year.

Prompt Service

Following your phone call, we will quickly dispatch a team to survey the situation and provide an assessment of damages, plan for restoration and an estimate. You can trust our professionally trained technicians to provide a clear and concise plan of action and have confidence they will handle the details of your emergency.

Water Removal

Our powerful vacuums will remove most of the moisture – reducing dry time and opportunity for mould growth. Using our state-of-the-art thermal detection equipment, we can inspect hard-to-reach areas for evidence of moisture.


After removing water-logged carpet and debris, our high-power fans and drying equipment will remove all excess moisture. Any salvageable items will be removed and processed in our drying facility.


Following the clean-up process, necessary renovations or repairs will be completed by our expert team, bringing your home or office back to its original condition.

Our technicians are specially trained to deal with water damage using the latest technology, products and equipment. We will treat your home or office with the utmost care to ensure the best outcome. Don’t delay! The longer you wait, the bigger the problem becomes.

When you have water woes, trust Ontario Restoration.