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Mould Removal

Mould is a fungus that grows in moist environments.

Tiny mould spores make their way through the air until they find the perfect place to multiply – an area with high humidity and poor ventilation.

These tiny mould spores can quickly spread into a serious problem. If you’ve had water damage or areas with high moisture, you probably have mould. We understand that a possible mould discovery can feel overwhelming and stressful. You can trust Ontario Restoration to complete extensive testing, remove mould and restore your home or office, giving you peace of mind that the problem is properly dealt with.
Poor ventilation coupled with high humidity is a recipe for mould proliferation. This can be the result of an emergency water issue or simply a mould-friendly area such as a damp basement, bathroom or kitchen. Mould can show up in visible areas like the walls or ceiling but more likely, it is lurking behind drywall, under the carpet, in your attic or crawlspace. Whatever the cause, discovering mould requires swift action to remediate the problem.

Not only can mould be destructive to your property but it can have significant health consequences as well. Mould can cause serious respiratory illnesses and infections. This can vary from person to person as symptoms and outcomes are related to the type of mould, length of exposure and how the body eliminates toxins. Unless the mould is removed by a trained professional, it will quickly return. Our team is trained and uses specialized tools to complete the process. Trust the professional team at Ontario Restoration to locate and eliminate mould spores in your home.

Our specially trained team will test moisture and humidity to determine possible mould growth. Through a process called dry ice blasting, the spores are frozen and the structural composition is destroyed. The sediment is then removed with industrial-strength HEPA vacuums. Fogging sprays anti-microbial aerosols into the air which kill mould spores. These steps are the most effective way to remove mould and prevent it from growing.