Restoration Services

Wind & Storm Damage

Mother Nature can serve up severe destruction.

Wind, hail, lightning, tornadoes, and ice storms can wreak havoc often causing primary and secondary issues in your home or business.

Wind and storm damage can cause structural damage which can, in turn, lead to flooding, water issues, electrical problems, etc.

Wild winds can uproot trees, toss large items around your property and, ultimately, damage your home. Heavy snow can collapse a roof and flash floods can leave you with a soggy basement. There’s a multitude of ways the weather can create major headaches for homeowners.

When disaster strikes, Ontario Restoration is standing by to ensure your family is safe and secure. Wild weather can happen at any time, so our teams are available 24 hours/day, 365 days per year to help you deal with the storms of life. Dealing with an emergency repair, insurance paperwork and the disruption it brings can feel overwhelming. We understand and our team will guide you through the process, taking care of all of the details. When your property has been affected by the wind or a storm, you can count on Ontario Restoration from start to finish.

Assess the Situation

When first arriving on scene, our team will determine the extent of the damage and determine the structural integrity of the affected area. We will provide the homeowner with our assessment, an estimate and discuss next steps as well as details related to insurance. To ensure everyone’s safety, we will take precautions like stabilization, boarding up an area and removing debris.


Storms can create a massive mess and cleaning up requires specialized skills and tools beyond the average homeowner’s capability. From uprooted trees to twisted siding or damaged roofs, Ontario Restoration will safely clear the debris, provide temporary power, and focus on restoring your home or business.


Once the initial cleanup is complete, our team can get to work on repairing and reconstructing the damaged areas. We will ensure your home is restored to its previous state and all issues have been attended to.

Whether your home requires a new roof, water removal or structural reconstruction,
you can trust our professional technicians to complete the job with quality craftsmanship.
Our team can assist with:

  • Tree removal/cleanup
  • Winter storm damage
  • Structural stabilization
  • Roof repairs
  • Window replacement